About us

About us

Since 1991, SOLO LLP research and production enterprise has been working in the field of radiation monitoring and instrument engineering.

Currently, the company is market leader in instrumentation in Kazakhstan with strong positions in the CIS. SOLO LLP mass-produces a wide range of professional radiation and environmental monitoring equipment capable of solving almost the entire range of tasks in the field of radiation protection and safety, as well as monitoring the level of contamination with various hazardous and toxic gases. The instruments are used in the nuclear sector, oil, gas, mining and processing enterprises, public health and environmental control services, law enforcement agencies. Having accumulated solid experience in the development, production and implementation of modern measuring equipment, the company offers short lead times, as it can manufacture, commission and obtain certification for unique radiometric instruments for various fields of use.

SOLO LLP LLP employs a team of highly skilled specialists. The products offered are developed, patented and manufactured by SOLO LLP in Kazakhstan. Development and manufacturing capacities rely on state-of-the-art solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic components and advanced technologies of nuclear instrument engineering. Within the framework of the program of quality control and compliance with international standards adopted by SOLO LLP, all products undergo internal control to make sure the established requirements are met.

As of 2019, SOLO LLP has been included in the Register of Domestic Producers of Goods, Works and Services, which is confirmed by Industrial Certificate No. 102 9 00059 issued November 21, 2019.

SOLO LLP is certified to conduct the following activities:

  • produce measuring equipment;
  • repair measuring instruments;
  • perform work and provide services related to the use of atomic energy;
  • carry out installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems and equipment of radiation control and dosimetry;
  • provide training in the occupation “Radiation Protection and Safety”;
  • conduct radiological inspection of territories and objects in Kazakhstan;
  • conduct radiation inspection of scrap metal.


  • State license no. 18006346 issued March 30, 2018 “Provision of services in the field of atomic energy use”, issued by the Committee for Atomic and Energy Supervision and Control of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • License for property no. 18009756 issued May 16, 2018 “Special Training for Personnel Responsible for Ensuring Nuclear and Radiation Safety” issued by the Committee for Atomic and Energy Supervision and Control of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The company has developed and successfully implemented a Quality Management System that complies with the national standard ST RK ISO 9001-2016. This ensures the high quality of our instruments and equipment, as well as professional maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service.

SOLO LLP is a member of the Union of Mechanical Engineering Companies of Kazakhstan.

We are always ready for cooperation and look forward to solving real-world challenges.

Best regards, the team of SOLO LLP.