Repair of measuring instruments

Repair of measuring instruments

SOLO LLP carries out diagnostics, repairs, maintenance and servicing of its products and equipment throughout the entire period of their operation. The company also provides repairs and maintenance for a variety of radiometric equipment manufactured in the CIS countries and abroad.

Repair is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the production department.

The Quality Management System of SOLO LLP complies with the National Standard ST RK ISO 9001-2016.

For diagnostics, repair or maintenance work, the customer should send the instruments or equipment to the following address: Almaty, Almas microdistrict, bld. 246.

Please make sure to enclose a cover letter with the cargo specifying the customer’s details, as well as the required scope of work.

Applications can be made by phone/fax: +7 (727) 264-27-10 and by e-mail: