Systems for automatic detection of fissile and radioactive materials

Detect nuclear materials and sources of gamma and neutron radiation during checkpoint screening.

Radiometers of radioactive aerosols

Measure radon and thoron, long-lived radionuclide activity, volumetric activity of alpha and beta emitters.

Radioisotope relay devices

Contactless positional control of the level of fluids and loose materials, object tracking, control of the interface between two media, etc.

Sampling equipment

Air sampling for subsequent analysis to a replaceable filter with a preset controlled parameter: sampling time or volume of pumped air.

Portable dosimeters-radiometers

Integrated radiation monitoring of the environment, workplaces, installations, vehicles, etc.

Personal dosimeters

Small-sized and handy dosimeters for radiation environment and personal exposure monitoring.

Stationary instruments and equipment for radiation monitoring

Detect sources of ionizing radiation. Installed in places and at enterprises where constant radiation monitoring is required.

Gas analyzers

Measure the concentration of toxic gases.

Radiation and environmental monitoring systems

Measure radiation levels and the concentration of toxic gases at remote sites and on large areas.