EMS ROU automatic environmental monitoring system

EMS ROU automatic environmental monitoring system

EMS ROU automatic environmental monitoring system is designed for continuous indoor and outdoor radiation and environmental monitoring at various industrial, production and processing enterprises, facilities with radiation hazards, nuclear power plants, and enterprises producing harmful emissions.

The system consists of a network of field stations and a receiving center, where information from each of the field stations is transmitted via a radio channel (GSM module, radio modem, radio station, satellite communication). The field stations and the receiving center can communicate regardless of the distance between them.

Manufacturer: SOLO LLP
Country: Republic of Kazakhstan

Warranty period: 12 months
After-sales service: during the entire period of operation

  • Description

    Depending on customer requirements, the system can be supplied with the following units:

    • Dust monitor (providing aerosol mass concentration readings);

    • Weather station;

    • Gas analyzer (for toxic gas monitoring (H2S, Cl2, NH3, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, methane, volatile organic compounds, etc.);

    • Other measuring units, depending on customer needs.

  • Features

    • Fully automated system;

    • Continuous 24/7 operation;

    • Choice of various operating modes;

    • Communication between field stations and a receiving center using a GSM module (radio modem, radio station);

    • Data is displayed on a PC of the reception center in graphical and table format;

    • An option to add environmental monitors to field stations depending on customer needs.

  • Characteristics
    Performance characteristics of EMS ROU automatic environmental monitoring system depend on the measuring units supplied.

    Below are the specifications that may vary depending on the customer needs.



    Field station

    Connection interfaces

    RS485, GSM, GPS

    Response time for all sensors, max.

    1 min

    Measurement time for measuring channels, max.

    60 s

    Alarm activation time when a threshold is exceeded, max.

    3 s

    Ambient operating temperature

    -40 to +50 °C

    Casing protection rating


    Relative humidity (non-condensable)

    30 to 95%

    Atmospheric pressure

    84 to 106.7 kPa

    Supply voltage / frequency

    220+22-33 V / 50 ± 1 Hz

    Backup power (from battery), min.

    12 h


    1,350×780×240 mm

    Weight, max.

    25 kg

    Average service life, min.

    8 years

    Dust monitor (providing aerosol mass concentration readings)

    Measurement range

    0 to 100 mg/m3

    Margin of error


    Particle size

    0.2 to 10.0 μm

    Weather station

    Air flow speed display range

    0.3 to 60 m/s

    Air flow direction display range

    0 to 360 degrees

    Air temperature display range

    +50 to +60 °C

    Relative humidity display range

    1 to 100%

    Atmospheric pressure display range

    300 to 1,200 GPa

    Rainfall intensity display range

    0.1 to 2.4 mm/min

    Gas analyzer

    Display range H2S

    0 to 100 ppm

    Display range Cl2

     0 to 10  ppm

    Display range NH3

     0 to 170  ppm

    Display range СО

    0 to 1,000 ppm

    Display range NO

    0 to 250 ppm

    Display range NO2

    0 to 20 ppm

    Display range SO2

    0 to 20 ppm

    Display range СН4

    0 to 100%

    Display range for volatile organic compounds (VOC)

    0 to 6,000 ppm

    Maximum relative error of measurement for gases

    ± 10%

    Maximum absolute error of measurement for CH4

    ± 10% o. d.