Radiometer dosimeter RKS-01VT-SOLO (with integrated detection unit)

Radiometer dosimeter RKS-01VT-SOLO (with integrated detection unit)

The RKS-01VT-SOLO radiometer-dosimeter is designed to measure the ambient equivalent dose and the ambient equivalent dose rate of gamma X-ray radiation. It is installed on vehicles during inspections carried out by teams of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, intelligence services, customs and border control authorities, and the army.

The RKS-01VT-SOLO can be programmed with preset ADER threshold levels of gamma X-ray radiation. Sound and light alarms are activated when the preset ADER threshold levels are exceeded. The dosimeter is supplied with a gamma X-ray radiation detection unit.

The device is included in the State Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan under no. KZ.02.02.06604-2019
Manufacturer: SOLO LLP
Country: Republic of Kazakhstan

Warranty period: 12 months
After-sales service: during the entire period of operation

  • Description

    The dosimeter is permanently installed on vehicles and is designed to measure:

    • ambient equivalent dose rate of gamma X-ray radiation;
    • ambient equivalent dose of gamma X-ray radiation.

    The dosimeter consists of a control panel and a built-in detection unit.

    The flattening of nonlinearity of the energy dependence of the sensitivity of scintillators is performed by an analog-to-digital converter. The device performs basic radiation control tasks in accordance with the Hygiene Standards of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Guidelines for Radiation Safety (HS SEGRS) (NRB) and the of the Sanitary Rules of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Guidelines for Radiation Safety (SR SEGRS).


  • Features

    The new RKS-01VT-SOLO radiometer-dosimeter uses a scintillation gamma radiation detector, unlike older dosimeters which use gas-discharge meters. Electronic components are assembled on new-generation microcontrollers and microcircuits. The benefits of using the modern technology include:

    • Improved meter sensitivity;
    • Higher measurement accuracy;
    • Reduced measurement time;
    • Wider energy range and dose rate measurement range;
    • Automatic measurement of cumulative dose;
    • Two thresholds for light and sound alarm warnings when preset threshold levels are exceeded;
    • Higher reliability of the device, protection against vibration and vibration;
    • Smaller overall dimensions and body weight;
    • Lower power consumption;
    • Automatic selection of detection units, measurement intervals and ranges;
    • Digital readout backlight for use in the dark;
    • Weather- and dust-proofness (IP67 protection rating);
    • Analog indicator of radiation intensity;
    • Up to 100,000 measurements can be recorded to non-volatile memory with transfer to a PC via USB port;
    • A GPS module add-on for recording geographical coordinates is available on request;
    • Built-in digital readout of recorded measurements;
    • The device can be operated while wearing personal protective equipment (rubber gloves);

    Wide operating temperature range (–50°С ... +50°С).

  • Characteristics


    The device consists of a control panel and a built-in detection unit.




    Gamma X-ray radiation detection unit


    scintillation type

    Energy range of detected gamma X-ray radiation

    from 20 keV to 10 MeV

    Measurement range for ambient equivalent dose rate

    from 0.01 μSv/h to 15 Sv/h

    Measurement range for ambient equivalent dose

    from 0.01 to 5×108 μSv

    Maximum acceptable reference relative error


    Overall dimensions of the control panel, max.

    151×90×65 mm

    Weight of the control panel, max.

    1.0 kg


    made of duralumin alloy

    Protection rating


    Operating temperature range of the control panel and detection unit

    from –50°C to +50°C.

    Power supply

    power source with output voltage from 9 V to 36 V

    Current consumed from a power source, max.

    100 mA

    Scope of delivery





    Dosimeter control panel



    USB cable for connecting to a PC



    Power cable



    How-to documentation (user manual)






    Warranty card



    Verification certificate